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Aujeszky's Disease

Last Modified: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:33:52 IST
Disease name
Aujeszky's Disease
Species affected
Multiple(not specified)
Aujeszky¿s disease, also known as pseudorabies, is caused by an alphaherpesvirus that infects the central nervous system and other organs, such as the respiratory tract, in a variety of mammals except humans and the tailless apes. It is associated primarily with pigs, the natural host, which remain latently infected following clinical recovery (except piglets under 2 weeks old, which die from encephalitis). The disease is controlled by containment of infected herds and by the use of vaccines and/or removal of latently infected animals.
Status in Ireland
Date of Last known case of disease in Ireland
DAFM Division Responsible
Animal Health/Veterinary Medicines/ Non ruminant animal health
Michael Sheahan SSVI
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